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Reviews for "Mario Mix for Piano"

woah! piano?!?!?!

brings back the old days.............keep up da good work.
p.s. u didnt respond to Klawd

jackie1188 responds:

I wrote I'd respond every rewiew, I didn't write, I'd answer at once, because I'm not sitting 24h a day at my PC
But of course thanks for the Rewiew

Nicely done

Very nice. I'm glad you made it.

best mario remix ever

very very very well dun...its the best mario remix ive heard...make many more cuz it rox ^_^

the best

seriously the best mario theme remix i ever heard. awesome in every way.


Ive never thought of hearing the mario song like this!! Great Job! (And ill be waiting for a response in my personal messege box) lol.
again:Great Job!