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Reviews for "Mario Mix for Piano"

I will probably never be able to play like that... :3 That´s why I´m happy somebody else can do it for me!

First of all am I asking permission to put this up on grooveshark.com with your name or username as the artist of course and also lots of credit for you, if you rather wanna do it yourself or not at all that is completly fine with me. Please answer!

And second, I´m thinking of using this in a video and if I do I will send the link to you, or put it up here.

THANKS for playing the piano so good! You are Awesome!

Your songs are very soothing and touching

your songs always touch me..and i swear if u tell any one of my friends this i shall bash ur head....Just keep making songs.....

jackie1188 responds:

dont worry, i wont tell your friends, besides i don't know them anyways *g*
I will keep making them, don't worry, just continue listening to them.
And thanks for your rewiew!

Sweet, I've used it in a couple of my flashes.

I liked it alot. Especially 'cause i play the Piano. I've like, learned how to play half of it on the piano already.


That was awesome, You have talent.


eeerrrrr ok

well i could of had a bit more you know jazzy