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Reviews for "Mario Mix for Piano"


gets choppy towards the end but amazingly great stuff

jackie1188 responds:

It's not really choppy, it only seems so (to you, not to me), because its perfect in time, and I cleared all the mistakes out, but I used some unusual harmonics and rhythms in the end, but thanks for your Rewiew

A lot of talent here!

I like this a lot-- you have a lot of talent, and apparently technical skill as well. If you decide to make a career in music, I hope your unique style carries you far! As they say, you'll be a slave for many years before you can be a master. :O)
Nice job!

jackie1188 responds:

Thank you very much.
Yes I do want to start a musican career. And i've been a slave since 5 Years, but I think I can handle beeing one for some more years.
But thanks again.


i would like to play it myself on the piano, is the musicpaperthingie findable on the internet?
( i'm dutch and dont know how to say it in english, its not in my dictionary)
the clarity was not really good, and hey it's mayby the 10.000st marioremix, but DAMN ITS GOOD.
and it is in one of my fav submissions XD.


I didnt like the fact i had to turn my speakers up to hear it ARGH ... lol
Really good. obviously you're talented and know whats you're doing musically and are capeable of composing and making your own rendition of a song. And this is a great example. Excellent work. Be sure to note i have saved this on my pc, and be sure to note it is the first.

Overall Nice Piece,

I remember this from "Super Mario Land."

That was a great game. I wish I still had it.