Reviews for "Monster In The Mansion"


The symbolism in this flash is amazing. It is pure brilliance.

Great job on the audio acting, as well.

This cartoon is beautiful.

I love the whole story. Really simple, really touching. Can't believe I missed this back when it was released in August! You are very talented. I wish there was more stuff like this.


that was verry funny, and had a great story to it

good work!

ouch, lol


Loved it

beautiful story :)

Finally, a serious flash that isn't pretentious...

or depressing. I liked this for its relative lightness when compared to Coffee Break and The Cyst. The casual voice of the monster made him much more likable, and he sort of reminds me of that shaggy-haired red monster from the old Looney Tunes shorts. I've also noticed that you're very good at setting good angles for shots. Most of Newgrounds has some sort of fetish with South Park staging and it's not that hard to put in a three-quarters view or a dramatic zoom. You did a good job. Many of your flashes are nice throwbacks to classic animation styles, and I love to see that.