Reviews for "Monster In The Mansion"

This coulda been alot better.....

Work on your graphics.....the monster should have looked like a monster, instead it looked like a large hot dog wiener.

The voice acting needed work, the scientist didnt even sound worried when he saw his creation on the ground.

The backgrounds were nice, I'll give you that.

As far as humor is concerned, you could have made this hilarious. I was just waiting for that chicken to cross the road only to get hit with a car and it didnt happen :( I also thought that the man with the shears was going slice the kid on the bike in the end, but that didnt happen either :( Kinda disappointing and not front page material in my book, make a story board next time.


The humor was a little dry, almost non-existant. But this flash isn't about the humor. It's trying to be artsy and meaningful.

However, we don't really know nor care about the characters enough to feel any sort of sympathy for them.

Graphics were OK, I giggled a few times when the guy got hit by the rock. Sound could have used a little work, the voice acting was just too stiff.

Not a bad flash. Not exactly "front page material," but I can see how it got here.

very awesome

the graphics and drawing where to good to be true i give it a 10.

nice graphics and drawning but i dont get it

it was an nice story but i don't get the humor

This remind me of something...

This reminds me off Dilbert!