Reviews for "Monster In The Mansion"

Pretty good, just, what was up with the flowers??

good flash, just weird.. it's ok if a monster throws rocks at people, i mean, he's allowed to, he's a friggin monster, but he should be killing them and eating them. that's just my opinion. him falling out of the tree, hilarious. but the flowers at the end.... come on. MORE VIOLENCE AND EXPLOSIONS!!!!!

This wos quite good i enjoyed it.

Well it was good and had a good story line but how come all the characters wobbled and everyone else didnt? If you intended to do that on purpose it wasnt a clever thing to do. But apart from that the flash was quite good i enjoyed. Keep up the good work even though there is room for improvment!

Totally there.

Haven't seen any of your previous stuff, but this was interesting.

Hear that thunder? It's God applauding.

It's amazing how someone can change (yes, I did watch "Destination Mouth". Sad, but great movies deserve good things. A little music could set the mood, though. Other than that, It's a wonderful movie.

very good!!

everything was well put together i really liked it! expecially the music.