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Reviews for "Fett's Vette"

Also know as Hesh from Sealeab

I thought it was pretty good. I like that you've got the lyrics cause I never could understand half the words. I'm very disappointed that with all the artwork you put into this that you didn't do the entire song. Shame on you. You made something perfect into a half-assed attempt. I'll still give you cred though

Jordanog responds:

the song is long, man

You did not do that song justice...

That was an awsome song and you just probably killed it. If you are going to do something with a song as famous as that, then get your act together and make something... oh I dunno... NOT CRAPPY! My suggestion to you is get some skills, then remake, resubmit, and make sure you do the entire song. I would suggest using the Bad Spellah remix next time.

Jordanog responds:

I would suggest you shut the fuck up

Great Work

I love that song. It would have been great to see the entire song done up.

Jordanog responds:

in due time, man

That Shit Was TIIIGHTTTT!!!!!!!!

i enjoyed that Boba Fett Is a Real Gangsta Maybe he should Join 50 cet And GGGGG-UNIT lol, seriously Great Fucking Job Man

Jordanog responds:

haha thanks dude


Why Does He SOund Like A Girl?

Jordanog responds:

Fuck you! MC Chris rocks. Thanks for the 8, though...