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Reviews for "Fett's Vette"


Much better than than half-assed movie the other guy did. I wish you would finish the entire movie into a complete music video, however I do understand that the song is long and it is hard to animate. So I am happy with what you pulled off.

Jordanog responds:

thanks for understanding. btw, I'm sure that other guy put a lot of work into his movie, too.

Awesome movie

I heard about from a review of another flash that did this song and the guy was right this is waaayyy better excellent job


Jordanog responds:

Sweet! Publicity from another flash. Thanks for the great review :)


Man this is awesome, It's well animated and the sounds and backgrounds are good too. It's a shame that the movie cuts off where it does, it could be so much better.

All in all a great movie, 10 / 10.

Jordanog responds:

sweetness! thanks

This came out great bro!!!

hah, i love the part where theyre all clapping...and that last reviewer was retarded, he only had the delorean in the part about the delorean...i also liked where you cut it off...hard to animate with so much going on...but you pulled it off...talk to you soon man!!!

Jordanog responds:

Thanks man. Some day we'll be on AIM at the same time again


star wars movie about fett and his vette. But it's not even a vette... that car is the back to the future car. But I like how there is a rap and a bunch of star wars characters. nice stuff. nice graphics.

Jordanog responds:

the back to the future car was in like the first 5 seconds of the movie. the vette is at the end