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Reviews for "Fett's Vette"

damn! pretty good!

it was pretty good! i liked it. could use improvement but so far its good! keep it up!

Jordanog responds:

sweet. thanks for the positive review

That was good, but..

I liked your original idea, if you worked more on the animation than the music, it would have been way better. Keep working on it, you did well though.

Jordanog responds:

I wish you would be more specific. I worked extremely hard on the animation.

This brought a smile to my face. :)

Fairly decent! n_n

There's nothing quite as cool as Boba Fett rapping. XD

Jordanog responds:


I love MC Chris...

And your flash is pretty damn good. I gave it a 5. Dont give many of those. Thanks for entertaining me!

Jordanog responds:

Sweetness! Thanks man


I like that song a lot... I think it is hillarious... but you kinda ruined it.

Your animation was a little sketchy, the drawings weren't that good, you obviously never tested it because a lot of stuff was messed up around the edges where you thought no one could see, and you didn't even finish the song.

overall, it just wasn't graphically appealing.

Jordanog responds:

I fixed the edges. The song is so long, though...