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Reviews for "Fett's Vette"


MC Chris is the shit. I never knew this song was about starwars though. haha

Jordanog responds:

For real? Well, I guess he does say it kind of fast.

pretty good

not bad could've added a little more though.

Jordanog responds:

Yeah...say aren't you the numa numa guy? Just a fan?

nice one

a little short, but damn that was a slick animation.
great work.

Jordanog responds:

Slick, eh? Awesome! thanks

Nice job, Bravo *Claps*

thank you for bringing this movie into my life! Im soo bored right now and that movie made me think..... i like star wars and i like flash mabey i can try a flash and get off my ass, bravo. Star Wars gangsta rap has some compition. (i cant spell =D)

Jordanog responds:

Yeah, you should definitely try flash. It really fills spaces of boredom. Also, you get the full NG experience.


THAT SONG IS SO TIGHT! I LUV THIS SONG, THE ANIMATION WAS GOOD, THE SONG IS JUS SO F***IN TIGHT! WHEW! Thnks for the lyrics also, ya like the other guy i can never really understand what the song is sayin, way awesome. Yea if you could finish the whole song though, thatd be cool, but take yer time, but if you dont finish it thats ok, i know its a long song, if anyone picks on you for dis, there's gunna be trouble!

Jordanog responds:

Thanks. I don't know how you guys are finding this movie but I like your reviews.