Reviews for "Salty Swamp"

well you do know how to draw

i retract my previous statement, you know how to draw, just not very well. well i guess ill get my glue, scissors, popsicle sticks and crayons and make some sprite flash, yay.

Blordow responds:

Also, get daily feature and a weekly award while you're at it smartass.


I <3 you, That was awesome I loved the Axel foily theme you had during the cop part favorite part was with the Sacred fish the rest didnt hit me has hard as that. I hope to see more of this xD


A Great cartoon to watch, duuuude! This is definetely on my faves. I can't wait for the next one soon. I wonder when it will be done. Anyway, can't wait, dude.


me likey the the salty swamp
i really like the frog of death

Has its moments. Couldn't bear the tedium.

Needs to be faster paced. If the jokes came one after another in radid succession, it would be funnier. Unfortunately, decent jokes play out for too long and become bad jokes. Pick up the pace and you'd have a winner!