Reviews for "Salty Swamp"

The new Zelda?

I loved the Legend of Zelda references and music. It harked me back to my childhood...well...teenagehood i guess...of playing the greatest of great N64 Zeldas. Decent plot and design. Thanks for the entertainment!

this. s... THIS IS AWESOME!

damn! man if i was one of em those guys it probably just be the green dude. or maybe a lil bit of the blue dude b/c he's all messed in the head if u ask me. i love it. good job :D. MAKE MORE! lol


Sorry, just got round to reviewing and watching this (what with work and all) but, holy mother teresa! It was hilarious! Brilliant job Shaun!

pretty good

It was a pretty cool toon over all. The only thing that wasn't very good was the humor. It seemed a little bit pushed, and the toon would have been better without some of the "funny" parts. The series has alot of potential, good job man.


dude you just made me piss my pants X(
that fish is awesome!, perfect voice acting i really liked it good job the voice of the proffesor was perfect too and the coppers ruled!