Reviews for "Salty Swamp"

Best Flash ever seen!

This is one of the best ever flash films I have seen in all of NG, The Grapics are good (But slightly linear), Vilolence with our fishy friend is TOO good and the storyline is Original, The Sounds (soundtrack from Banjo Kazooie) is rarely used, I am proud that you used that as many would be embarrased, Make a sequel to Salty Swamp and I am going to Laugh all day!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salty Swamp Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicely done.

Nicely done, the sounds seemed familliar until i saw the credits. XD
Anyways, the voiceacting was pretty good cause it seemed like teh voices from a game I played before (I forgot) and was pretty clear too. Hope your next work is just as good or even better!


I liked it. It offered good entertainment. Voice acting was very good and I liked the music...even if it was from games :)


Wow, man.

At first, this looked like another Legendary Frog kiddy spin-off (my apologies), but what caught my attention first was the superb voice acting. I swear, the voice acting grabbed me by my pubic hair and smashed me through my window in a fit of sadistic glee. The fish's voice is awesome and the overall humour is fuckin' a. Keep it up!


This flash was funny as hell. The graphics rocked and so did the backgrounds and the character drawings were great. It was a little random but who cares it was great! The fish and the side kicked rock lol. Great job on this very creative film keep up the good work.