Reviews for "Salty Swamp"


I like this already. Just like all those stupid saturday morning cartoons in the early 90s that didn't last more than a week!

The henchmen are probably my favorite bit but the magical fish part was great, just not something I'd want to see consistantly since it was so deliciously random.


keep it up

that was funny man i laughed my head off keep the good work up

Well done! Cheers!

Like many others who have reviewed this, i'll say the same : Great job, awesome work and I'm now patiently waiting for another release from you!

--PS, In case no one has caught on yet, the music for this flash comes from the following games : Banjo-Kazooie, Conker's bad fur day, and Donkey Kong 64 ( You'd know this if you'd bothered to read the credits. Get it right before you correct others.)


Blordow responds:

Finally, someone who noticed ;P

thanks for reviewing :)

I liked it!

And it was Banjo and Kazooie music...tsh...biggest Zelda fan in the world is not impressed by previous reviewer. Anyway! I think this has great potential and it's cute. I love the villain, he's SO 80's morning children's cartoon show baddy-esque. Lurking in the shadows with two stupid servants. Brilliant. Carry on!

TV material

Woah, man! That was awesome! Hope to see more of this!