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Reviews for "Rig - Am I Cool Yet?"

LOL Rig, you rock the house. This is really dope

Freakin' seal of approval on this sucka' if I ever felt to do such a thing. Brilliant. So downloading this and it's almost completely unheard of for me to do that.

This is a piece of work man. Kick-awesome. Just awesome. No advice that I could give here. Too busy enjoying it honestly.

egad...this is fun...I don't even know how you do it

Rig responds:

Haha, thanks! I'm re-writing it for the upcoming NGAP EP, be sure to pick up a copy!

christ steady laddie

that bass kicks ass man soo good and i like the am i cool yet.
u in the EP i guess cause thats where i got the link to this song.
make moneys bro

Rig responds:

I'll try!


THIS is the best one ive heard to :D

Rig responds:

Heard to what?


You just blew my mind, ily. <3

Rig responds:

ShamWow will clean it up.


you are a badass. nuff said.

this is the coolest shit...dear god.

Rig responds:

Wait'll you hear the improved version.