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Reviews for "Rig - Am I Cool Yet?"

Please don't eat me

You're not cool, you're one aggressive motherfucker, that's what you are. Love the song, the bass kicks ass. Sariously, good job. If only I could sample shit and drum and bass as good as you...

On a side note, I heard mistabishi uses a basket ball for a snare and a soccer ball for a kick. Experimentation ftw. Get signed plz.

Love the bass

Haha, is that bass really from a piece of cardboard? That's epic, I think if there was a music video it would consist of a piece of cardboard scraping over a microphone. Cool you are.

Yeah you cool.

This has such a great base to it, I've actually downloaded this to put on my CD and blast out using my ride's stereo. You cool, but not cool enough. If you make more beats like this you will be though ;)

I don't know if your cool....

A really great song. But your bass soundz angry am I not getting teh joke?

I like this a nice angry bass song perfect to eat babiez too.

On to the review would it kill you to throw in more synth over the bass we don't all have subwoofers.

Great song Peace syntrus out

<Noob> WTF is an Amen Break</Noob>

You saved a fucking school

You will always be cool.

Rig responds:

Too cool for school?