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Reviews for "Rig - Am I Cool Yet?"

This is bad.

It feels bad, it sounds bad, it makes me want to do bad things, preferably with bad people, all to look cool.

This is reminiscent of Noisia's breakbeat forays. It's filled with nice touches, varying depth, interesting detail and all riding on that bad, naughty bass.
The voice sample has a bit of irony to it, reminds me of all those people doing stuff for attention, so if it's a poke to them... :D

Great outro too.

Rig responds:

Yeah, I tried to fill the intro with cliches. ;D

You uh...

Gave me goosebumps.

whoa, they're still going haha

Yea I think you're cool now. This is sick, please please make more, this is so sick dude.

Rig responds:

It needs to get rest and take plenty of liquids


you're pretty cool now.

You should make more dnb.

Rig responds:

I plan to!

Woah! :O

Yet another amazing piece of music from you, i love it man.
No negative stuff t say about this for you since you're far above my level of music production.

Downloaded the amazing cardboard bass sample!


Rig responds:

Let me know if you make anything with those samples :D


How did you get that snarling effect? Was it also the cardboard?

Anywho, amazing song.

Rig responds:

That was an automated filter on the cardboard, actually. Thanks!