Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

Hey kids....


Thank you

Thank you, I always wondered what the world would be like if Hitler was still alive, turely an awesome and funny flash....

I had a regular mustache until these 2 jews attacked me with razors... took me 23 years to grow this fuker

Great Flash

Hey Awsome and funny flash, and the fact it made people take it so literally makes me laugh too its a dam cartoon with a talking pig not nazi Propoganda well.. awsome flash i give it a ten..

bad.. very bad

what a horrible cartoon. and what an asshole.

Irrious responds:

yea, what a jerkface.


Annything which can't be said with a smile isn't the truth. In other words: if we want to put the past behind us, it's about time we admit things like this are funny. Verry funny.