Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

not bad

wasn't that funny ... and couldnt really offend jews anyway cause it was a pig talking... but would have been better if something happened to hitler like the waiter guy blow his head off or sumthing

I'm Jewish and I think...

This is fucking funny. Keep up the good work, no matter how offensive it is.

Bad animation, boring as hell

Just a proof that you americans are entertained by anything nazi. Adam, you say that Judaism is a religion and not a race. Hitler obviously didn't think so when he killed secular jews. Also insulting people that made a bad reviews by saying that they didn't make flash movies is weak. Maybe they are good in other things? Maybe they drew a motherfucking masterpiece? Even if they didn't it doesn't mean they don't know when they seeing a piece of shit like this. BTW, it's rumored that Hitler's grandfather was jewish, which would make him a quarter jewish, which is funny because he also killed people who were quarter jewish.

Irrious responds:

BTW, its also rumored no one gives a fuck about meaningless details like hitler's grandfather was jewish or whatever. Save it for someone who gives 3 quarters of a fuck.

And if someone is quick enough to write a bad review but too lazy to submit their "masterpeice", they deserve to get shot down.

Ps. jews are gay.


yeah, that was great..reminded me of familly guy. one thing i loved about this flash, besides the fact that it totally rocked, was to read the reviews and responces you made to the retards who were offended by this lmao. anyway about the flash, the graphics were pretty good...while the mood of the flash reminded me of family guy, the style of animation reminded me of somthing else..but i cant quite put my finger on it..lol anyway ya the sound was all THAT bad i could understand most of it..just some lines by the pig i couldnt understand. lol this review is gettin long..so i guess ill just end it here..

Who can blame him?

Who out there can actually say that they wouldn't have a race of people exterminated if they had unquestionable power? And besides who here was actually around when hitler committed this mass genocide? It really doesn't affect you. Except for having a few extra Jews on your block.

(For any of you 70+ people reading this my apologies.)

For the actual flash... nothing really that good. ok graphics. ok sound. script kinda sucked (no funny jokes). so there you have it.