Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"


That was kinda lame... I mean - It wasn't really funny, the "Hitler" figure didn't look a lot like Hitler and didn't sound like Hitler at all. I don't get what's up with halo20202... I'm a Jew too and I found it quite offensive. Not because of the pig or because of Hitler, but because it wasn't FUNNY! If you're making a Hitler joke, make it god-dam funny, like Monty Python did! To sum it up, it was lame.

wierd ............................. but cool

ok this submission rocked and so did the characters cause especially like hitlers character because he is very nervous and hes like a nice guy you wonder why he killed so many jews.

blindingly gay

This really isn't funny or even amusing its actually annoying to watch.

funny as hell

the only reason iam rating this low is because iam jewish but it was still kinda funny no not realy just offensive and iam part german too so like hitler could of killed my moms dad's dad oh well her dad was an asshole any way

ps. iam not realy jewish but i am german

Uh i dont know what to say.

It was ok. I didn't really hate it or love it. It was sometimes almost funny and i laughed quite hard at that DONT DO DRUGS part lolz.......... It ok and i think people are well i dont want to say overreacting but i think thats what people are doing and that e need to put this horrible tragdey behind us.