Reviews for "Flycatcher Face-off"


This flash was very well-made and very original

Good job.

That was a neat flash, I liked it. That's an optimististic frog; still finds something to be happy about after he's eaten by another frog. If he can be eaten by his own species that easily, you have to wonder how he managed to live long enough to grow into a mature frog in the first place.

Shit happens.

Lol, at first I didn't understand why this would be humorous, but then I saw the ending with Phrog the Frog meeting his end. That sucks for him. This wasn't the best toon I've ever seen but it did give me a laugh.

nice short

lol very funny life is a bitch and then u get eaten lol not bad at all hope to see more in the future like a sequal!!


Loved it.

I also really appreciate how it ended happily ever after for both of them!