Reviews for "Flycatcher Face-off"

The sounds were a bit too repetitives...

but everythings else was PERFECT!!!

(P.S.: Toadcopter roxxx my soxxx!!)


hahaha, finally something funny. plus short and sweet just the way i like em, nice job


Good video funny ok graphics could maybe even use a sequal maybe idk neway..

Aww poor frog!

Wow, didn't see that coming! Hahaha! I loved that idea, two frogs fighting over how many flies they can capture. I was hoping the fat one would catch them all but..eh...I was wrong, but anyone can be a sore loser and eat the opponent, right?


Awesome unique graphics, good animation and tweening, clever tounge style and awesome redneck music! Have fun on the front page, rrrribit!

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Max-the-Great responds:

Thanks. Also, toadred DID get all the flies, because he ate Phrog, who had eaten all the flies... get it?

Ha that was great.

This was some great work. I really loved the idea, creative and funny. This has all the elements to be a great flash. I will touch on each aspect in my review.

The graphics were great, really loveable. Your animating, and colour style made the graphics so pleasant to look at. The backround was good , and the drawings were as well. The animation was pretty funny, you captured some of the expressions very well. Your style in this movie was great, partly because of your animating style. The feel to the movie was great, it was very pleasant to watch. The sound did the job, but it wasnt amazing. I liked the sound effects and audio quality. The humour was very good in this too. Based on this i would say you have a great sense of humour. Its not gross or anything, just plain funny. The ending was the best part.

Overall i really enjoyed this and it was really well done. I hoe you can continue to make great litttle movies such as this. I wish ths was longer...anyways keep it up! 4/5

Max-the-Great responds:

I was lucky to get the sound effects I had. You'd think 'buzzing fly' or 'frog croak' would be easy to find, but nooo...