Reviews for "Flycatcher Face-off"

((( ODD )))

Well this was a bit odd to see a frog fighting over flys with a lizard thing, i like how you animated the tounge scenes, and how you have drawn all the characters in this. The flys looked really good, and your animation was really well detailed. The music was good too, and i liked the way they got their tounges stuck in the end...


Short and sweet

a good flash keep it up, it was very amusing


That was clever. The lack of sound effects wasn't really noticable, because the ones you did include fit the scene nicely. I was skeptical at first, but as the movie progressed and the fly catching tricks kept getting more and more ridiculous, I couldn't help but laugh. And the look on the red frog's face...Classic!

nice work

graphics were good could of been better but good! very simple but was nice to watch! looking foward to more

I thought this was very cool

Heh, that was pretty funny and the ending was rather unexpected too. Rather than trying to out perform, just play dirty. The music was kinda repetitive, but still fit well in the movie. There was no preloader or replay button as far as I saw, I mean, not having a preloader is mean to all those slow dialup users out there, but screw them right? And a replay button would be nice too have to becasue it just makes the movie better.