Reviews for "Flycatcher Face-off"

not too bad; not too good

nice animation and the ending was quite alright. =_=

Max Steiner you did it again.

As you should have guessed from the scores already I liked this flash. In my opinion this is your best work yet.
This flash got an original idea like most of your creations and the twists along the way made it extra funny. The visuals were decent and you did a good job on choosing the background music.

You're on the right track, so keep it up.


I loved it - cool animation style, fluid, good ol' banjo in the background and a very amusing plot.

not your best but still good

you are still cool this wasnt as great your other flashes

Simply awesome.

It's something so cute, so adorable, and so stylish that it makes you want to watch again. Then again. Wait, one more time. ^_^ No, seriously, it's movies like this that catch my eye and manage to make my day. Thanks for this, I truly appreciate it.