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Reviews for "Chanter Tales 1.1"

keep up the good work =)

great job keep it up!

Ghosty22 responds:


not too bad

i think with further episodes, this will shape up to be a fine story. i'm interested in seeing what happens next, so i would have to say that if your goal is to make a series out of this, you have at least one person that will be hangin around to see it. good luck with future installments

Ghosty22 responds:

Thanks for the support...

The first review I have been impelled to make

I really think that the Potential was there, but only like a stillborn Fetus. The Vocals were well into the Bad (I can't imagine any Wizard sounding like a young College Student, I'm sorry). The Script sounded trite as if it were taken from bad Coffeeshop Poetry. And if Nuok is some Kind of great Wizard, why is he afraid of getting wet?

Ghosty22 responds:

Sounds like you were watching it with preconceived notions of who a wizard should be. Sorry I didn't live up to your expectations.

I never said that Nuok was a great wizard. In fact, I implied that he wasn't a very good wizard at all in the notes at the bottom of the title page.

it was a good clip and the "continue" was good to.

it was a good movie and was kinda strange but i believed it was fine. the animation was good and the script was pretty good to.

Ghosty22 responds:

Thanks... Some people liked the script and others hated it, but no one really specifies what exactly was so bad.

I'm guessing it may have been the fact that Nuok was enthusiastically talking about the beauty of nature... I've noticed that a lot of people can't handle stuff like that. To describe something as beautiful, particularly nature, --to a lot of people-- seems really gay. I don't think so though.

To slow

This animation was just too slow and choppy for me.. not that the pictures were moving slowly.. just that the voice acting wasnt smooth and fluent. People new to this type of thing doing voice acting is common for them to be slow though. all in all it was a good story line and very well written. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

Ghosty22 responds:

Hmmm... I'm not sure how I could correct the problem. People tell me it sounded like I was just reading off of the page... And, well, in most cases I was. Perhaps I should think more in terms of memorizing the lines, and telling while convincing myself that these things actually happened to me.

Or maybe I could record it all at the same time without recording anything separately.

As for my acting... Before I recorded this I saw either the movie, Malcom X, or a documentary on him, and I thought that the way he spoke seemed so carefully thought out and relaxed. SO I kind of tried to sound like him, because I wanted Nuok to seem like a quiet thoughtful person like Malcom did when he was giving speeches. Most people seemed to interpret that to be emotionless and monotone.