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Reviews for "Chanter Tales 1.1"


A smooth, flowing, virtually flawless work. I usually do not like fantasy genres, but this is almost poetic. A new member to the caste of flashes that actually contain a story. The voice acting was not bad at all, contrary to some of the other reviews, and almost sounded Shakespearean in nature. The only thing I could see that you may consider trying would be to somehow present some of the running and general movement scenes in a faster way, as it does not look fast enough for a man who is running "as fast as He could". But that one thing is just like a single star in the universe. Overall great flash as I have watched both this and your Chanter tales 1.2 and have seen nothing in either of them that is remotely bad.
Cheers to the continuation of this glorious story.



Not bad. I am looking forward to the next episodes. However, is it just me or does Nuock sound a little like George W. Bush?

Ghosty22 responds:

WHAT!?!!? Nooooo!!!

Nice movie

You know, I thought this was some movie written by a big DnD nerd or something... but it IS very interesting and the author shows signs of real creativity, both as a writer and an animator, which is especially visible during the last scene. I'm really looking forward to more episodes as this movie shows levels of potential that most introductory movies on this site lack.

The animation is solid and the voice acting could be just a TAD bit better. Keep up the good work!

Ghosty22 responds:

Thanks for the comments...

Yeah, I really dislike Dungeons n' Dragons in general... It's always really corny and unimaginative. People think fantasy is all about spectacle and not about characters. And then there's an entire genre of garbage fantasy that has been spawned from people that think like that.

Most people seem to agree that my acting sucks. I've been working on the next episode, and I'm doing my best to put more emotion and more... "Authenticity..." In the tone of my voice...

Anyway... At least I can garauntee that the artwork and music will be much better in the next one than in this one.

((( NICE WORK )))

Awsome and very nice work, also congrats on the daily 4th, could have easly been 3rd, i acually watched this 2x it was that good, the file size did bother me abit but not that much, anyways nice work...


Ghosty22 responds:

Thanks... It's nice to see that this movie is still being watched.

The next episode might be a bit bigger though... It's really hard to make a good-looking flash without it being huge. Seems as if that's why the movies with good art work don't have much of a story...

good, man.

ok.. hey I'm the guy who did the Mr. awesome thing.. I'm sorry I was wrong.. this is actually pretty good man. I like your style on the characters.

Ghosty22 responds:

I didn't think my review was all that negative. If that's as negative as your reviews get, you're doing pretty damn good. I don't think I was "doggin" your review... All I really said was that I thought it needed more jokes. No need to be offended.

And even if my animations suck, that doesn't mean that what I say is worthless. I responded according to how the movie made me feel. Do you think that every person who watches a movie in a theater, and doesn't like what he sees, has the talent to make a theater-quality movie?

But then again, I can understand how you might think I was attacking you. Some people on NG write reviews just to offend people and be a jackass. If I was a jackass to you, well, I didn't mean to be. I was trying to be constructive.