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Reviews for "Chanter Tales 1.1"


i like that concept. keep up the good work!

Ghosty22 responds:



i look forward to the sequal to this, u r a great story teller i hope u make the next one soon

Ghosty22 responds:

Thanks, Pal...

I'm not really sure what to think, though... Some people hate they way I tell stories, and others really like it.

Kinda sloooooow...

The flash made me all sleepy...>.< You gotta speed it up man, and talk less monotonious... The part where that bearded guy came up, should've been exciting, but it didn't do anything to me, because of the 'speed'... The voices also weren't very clear, just heared a few parts of the story...
Anyway, nice try=)

Ghosty22 responds:

Well I was kinda of shooting for a slower story. It just seems that if there was a world of fantsay, people just wouldn't be hacking away at each other with swords every second of every day. I guess I shooting for the round about way that good old story tellers use around campfires and such. I was hoping the slowness would add to the creepiness of it...


Hey man, this is Honey Man. I commented on your animation earlier and, well, you didn't take it very well. When I asked if the main character was retarded, I didn't mean you were retarded. But man, it goes so slow. It's just not worth the time man. I'm sorry if I upset you, the guy talks really slow, the story moves slow, the scrpit is not very well written, the narration was describing things the pictures did not depict at all. You're right, I should have been more specific, and I'm glad you called me on it. I will refrain from leaving comments when I'm so tired from now on. I'm sure people will like this man, I just didn't. For what you were trying to do, it just took too long and the voice acting was stale. I hope this is more thorough. Good luck with your future works.

Ghosty22 responds:

I don't think I wasn't taking it well, I was like, trying to respond with a tone similar to yours. I was just being a smartass.

I'm not so arrogant that I think everyone has to like it. Because you can never please everyone. It's scoring pretty well, so I'm not going to curl up into the fetal position and cry because a couple of people didn't like it.


an interesting plot, i liked it a lot. i hope this is one of those series people will look forward to next episodes

Ghosty22 responds:

Well, I think the next one will be a bit better. There's more action, and it seems, the thing everyone hated about this was its slowness. SO maybe more action will do the trick.