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Reviews for "Chanter Tales 1.1"


Lovely backgrounds. They're really good. I like your colors. They match and blend in with the background.

When you're describing the big... gray bearded... thingy, an improvement could be that you move the camera up his body or something. It's some type of movement so the audience feels like something's happening instead of showing him just standing there. It's describing how tall he is, so you could have the camera go from the waist up. If the character or the background isn't moving then at least make the camera do it.

Basically, Try not to have scenes that don't have anything moving. Like, make the leaves move or the camera if nothing else is going on (visually).

Good luck on your next flash~

Ghosty22 responds:

That makes a lot of sense...

My friend directed one of my flashes one time, and camera movement seemed to make the dialog so much more interesting.


the graphics were amazing. i didnt really care for the story though. the story was boring.that takes alot of the interests out

Ghosty22 responds:

Well, I wanted the action to come a bit more slowly. I really hate flashes where one guy walks up to another, and then they start fighting without saying anything or revealing anything about themselves.

I guess I thought that if he explained why he was in the wilderness and how he lived there, it would make it feel "real."

A good start on the story.

I liked it. My main complaint is with the voices, not that I expect professional actors, but the mic used to record it was pretty scratchy.

Ghosty22 responds:

Well... That might be because I didn't select a very good sound setting in the publishing phase. I'll try to experiment with some better settings next time.

Very Good.

Graphics: Very good graphics compared to many other flashes Under Judgement. Very smooth also. Maybe add more blinking to the characters, like in the beginning. Also, if you want to go to more extreme detail, add more movement to certain surroundings, like trees and water, and increase the effect of light on parts of the body. some areas need more shadows. But I'm not complaining.

Style: Interesting story, made me watch the whole thing. Makes you wonder about the history of your characters.

Sound: For real voices, they were average quality. Could hear it clearly, though. Voices matched mouth movements, and sound effects were fine.

Violence: Maybe just mentioning killing and showing a knife?

Interactivity: Clicking Play. Was it me or did the replay button not work correctly?

Humor: Didn't really make me laugh, just when he said "...Then I'm going to have to kill you."

Overall: Great Storyline, very interesting plot and settings. Looks like a good series coming up. Keep up the good work sir.

Ghosty22 responds:

More blinking and movement... Got it...

I don't understand what you mean about "Mentioning killing..."

Yeah, I just realized I forgot to insert the "replay" code.

I think this has a great amount of potential

I think this seriously has a chance at being great!
I really like it, but the thing that I held back on was:
1. The sound.... although this isn't a bad thing, your voices sounded "home recorded" and kinda had no emotion
2. The animation of the characters moving just kinda didn't look right... like there wasn't enough stride or something... maybe touch those up a bit... and you could have something great!

Ghosty22 responds:

Yeah... I actually tried to make the sound sharper in the publish settings option box, but then it made the file size too big to be on here. As for me acting... Well... I'll try to do a better job next time.

Yeah, it's kind of tricky mixing frame by frame animation with "tweened" animation.