Reviews for "Rig - Zombies in Space!"


nice song it sounds like the laguna fight music from ff8 good job:D

fuck! zombies! you guys are on your own!

pretty cool song. pretty uhh retro, prolly why its in video game genre haha.

very very good for a game/movie!! and thats what this site is for so great job! but it sounds really cool to just listen to as well. i like this.

i especially like how you combined different styles together. it works really good here!


you made me cry because its beautiful!!

man, this is truly amazing. allow me to explain...

I could listen to this all day. Really, I could. I love how all elements of this song is carefully taken into consideration. I can say without hesitation that this is Shakespearean (says how things are, rising action, crescendo, falling action and ends on a note wanting more and OH! It's a LOOP).
I was playing my Pokemon Platinum and listened to the battle music. Pretty good. I mean it's Pokemon. Danh, danh, danh, danh.
Then I remembered playing the Megaman X RPG and hearing this upbeat, enthusiastic tune, reminiscing my RPG days.
Anyway, I really enjoy this and hope you keep making more like these epiphanies, Sir Rig. :D

This song is great and the loop just plays so well with the beginning and end making it sound like it never ends. Great job.