Reviews for "Rig - Zombies in Space!"


I love the snare in this- Very good mix my friend, Can't wait to hear this in full :D.

reminds me of power metal lol

i could totally see this in like a 2-D flying game, like galaga or R-type

Top notch

Perhaps one of the most professional sounding pieces I've heard on this site since I first logged on. I would imagine this being running away from zombies in a ship in space. Fighting for your life in a fast paced, intenseness that matches nothing else. Nailed it right on the head. Consider this the most genuine 10/10 I've given.


Holy shit

Oh fuck.
So fucking epic.


I listened to that loop 10 times i just cant get enough BEST LOOP EVER!!! cant wait for next game man take as long as u need ^_^ 0:27 WAS THE MOST.....i cant even put it in words XD