Reviews for "Rig - Zombies in Space!"


I love this, it sounds really professional and definitely belongs in a video game. I absolutely love the part from 0:25 to 0:50, the atmosphere you've created sounds incredible. This flows really well, and I can't really hear any flaws in it.

Also, something about this makes me think of a level in sonic game (which if I recall correctly takes place in space). I think it's that lead you used. I love it, and and because of my previous statement, it kind of brings a nostalgic feel. I can't even explain why.

Anyway, awesome song. Can't wait for the full version!

Tottaly Awesome, MAN!

This sound is amazing, I just loved it a lot!

Thats one of the best things...

...I have ever heard on NG! Its so damn awesome.

4.41 / 5.00 (+ 0.00075)

PS: It´ll be a damn good game, If there´s such good music in it ;)


happy but drum and bass at the same time!!!!!!


Greatest loop on newgrounds ever?

Really great loop, it sounds like a great blend between Megaman and anyhting zombie related xD

Cant wait to hear it in your upcoming game!