Reviews for "Rig - Zombies in Space!"


I dont know what to say about this extremely awsome loop, but it is by far the best loop I have ever listened to in my entire life. I can never get bored of it since it keeps going on and on without any stop. It's just... too damn awsome.
I must say you made a masteriece here. I don't care what the others say.
I've listened to it for 5 hours straight now and I just feel like I have more energy in me when I listen to it.

This IS the Best!!!

5/5 + 10/10 + Fave & Download!!!!

Rig responds:

No, YOU'RE the best! :D


Wow, this sounds so professional!


i love it it reminds of megaman x 5 and 6

This is pro

As said in the title.


awesome job...this fits right into the RPG. Pure awesome