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Reviews for "story of a loser"

not bad

great lesson but the movie only showed the negative outcomes

story half told

the story is too true but not finished.. i must say i was once the outsider that people tried picking on.... i just avoided people as much as i could.. until i said to my self: "no more!"
i didn't give in to peer pressure.. i didn't turn out to be a jerk.. i kept my way of life and my way of thinking... almost..
the only thing is i didn't let them get to me.. and i admit it was hard.. but now im actually kinda popular..... and i still try helping people when i see them sad or bullied...
don't give up and don't forget this situation ^_^

not possible

at the end where he gets up from the punch there is no way that much damage would have happened


I like it, and I understand it, but not much of an ending. He gets decked and he cries. The End? How does that prove a point? It just shows that He goes to a Boys only high school where a bald nerd look is somehow popular.

dep dud dep

that kids live sucks lick mins when i whos 14in moments lick that if i ever so pp triting others lick that i promes to my self i whud help and to the jerk i whud kick hes butt off