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Reviews for "story of a loser"

I felt this way at times in high school. It was because I was diffrent that I had my own friends, and they were people who weren't always popular, but they were more like me in ways of being diffrent and we were able to get along for the most part.

I like the idea and concept that ur trying to show in the video, u have the intro, the plot, the complication... but where's the climax and resolution!!!??? You can't even call that and ending, it's as if u cut your message and took away much of it's importance, it doesn't impact as much as it should. All you needed to put was to be continued and make a sequel or something, oh well... and the cutting in between songs kind of tears the mood. Anyways I like the message you want to send to the viewers but that's it, and for that message I gave you 4 stars :P


Sits 9 passengers. By the way why did you make all the other people look like bald people with Glasses? I mean losers at least have 2 or 1 friend usually.

good short

This short was really well made it really got the message across. It shows that those that are different aren't always treated like people. Some people might not agree because of the characters used, but it still works.


haha bernana peal

also fart