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Reviews for "story of a loser"

very good

this is like my life in high school

Damn ;c

This video reminds you how mean people can be ..

Its just so real , you see him waking up , being all happy , first day school , and then being bullied .

Another message is being different then the rest , not have to do something cause everyone is doing it

I <3 this video
But its also a little sad


This video touched me, another great video from JAZZA.


im and old newgrounder that came back. this video hit home. this video isnt just about bullying. if you notice, everyone is the same execpt for him hes "different". he was picked on because he was different. thats what the video meant.

very true.

I used to be bullied.
but the thing is fighting for the thing you want (bulling to stop) is somtimes the only thing to do to make it happen.