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Reviews for "story of a loser"

this really relates to me alot

now im still bullied ive been bullied since i moved about 5 years ago first time new school third grade and a 6th grader named manuel (yes hes mexican) would everyday beat me spit on me and say every insult you could think of to me i called his a stupid mexican once he shoved me to the ground and started kicking me and then he got a grin on his face he toled the bus driver what "i did" (in spanish) and now they were best buddies and every time my brother was absent (which was about 10-20 days of the whole school year) he would throw me onto the isle (probly spelt it wrong) and told the bus driver to hit the brakes ( i was laying odnw on the floor) and i would slide accors the whole bus one of the metal supporters that keep the seat up i got hit in the ehad byt those and it would alwasy leave a huge ass brusie and a major migraine and whenever my borother was around he wouldent do anything saying its my fault and that i should just tuff it out the thing is though i was only 8 what could i do to a kid double my size and probly at elast 5 times stronger the only reason he got in a fight with manuel is because he said something bad about him (manuel to my borther) im bearley bullied now but last year and the years till 3rd grade was all hell holes for me. i ahve a good friend whos older than me and is like a real brother to me hes sticken up for me in the 2 years ive know him then my brother has for my whole life. anyways sorry if that bored you guys i just wanted to say it anyways great flash jazza keep up with your exelent work.

Very meaningful.

True, there are bullies everywhere and true! People are made to be different that each other and they have the right to be like that, therefore, we should help ppl treated like that however we can.


I can definately relate to the bullied rather than the bullies. I myself was bullied for years just because I was different. the only reason I gave it 9 stars instead of 10 was because I was expecting some sort of resolution. yes, I understand the message and the concept of the flash, but I felt you missed out on a important detail. family.
I understand some people have no family to go to, but everyone has someone. be it a deity, a adult, a friend, or even a stuffed toy or other means to relay thier grievences to and, in some ways, relieve thier burdened souls. some people could even have a diary, a journal, or in this case, the internet. so, to summarize, beautiful flick, excellent choice of music and animation, but lacking in closure. I hope this helps

I am sad for the people who bullie

THEY are the real fucking losers !!!!!!!!! God gave us life to live in harmony, in peace !!!!!!!!!!! sheesh what have we people turned into ?

so sad

:((((( :((