Reviews for "Zombies Bite (Teaser)"

Yeah, here's another one of your lesser cartoons. It's mostly because, well, it's just a teaser. With that being said, it's still quite colorful. It's easy to say you'll never get this done now. It was weird to see something so serious from you. Well, I guess it had some jokes.

A pity Michael Jackson died since this came out and before I reviewed it. Speaking of which, the music really is quite good. It was interesting how you put a brief story up. Yes, your other stuff is better. It's still not bad, though.

i definetly want to see the full film!!!!!! 10/10

i love it

show the rest of it i love zombies and Simple zombie movies

WOW,how 80s Teaser.

hahahahahahabahhaha :D