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Reviews for "Zombies Bite (Teaser)"


"Hey sombody invited Michael Jackson" LOL!!!


Harry, you're movies are always epic, *watches out for girlfriend's slap*, but yeah, anyways, I've gotta know, what is the name of that song that is played every time you saw the zombies? It was at the beginning when you first saw them, and then when they attacked that weird dude. I gotta know haha, and I'm waiting on that coming soon....

HappyHarry responds:

It's the theme from Phantom of the Opera, perhaps the worst choice my addled 17 year old mind could have come up with.


It wasn't bad, and pretty nostalgic. It reminded me of the old grindhouse films from the 80s. I like how you sprinkled jokes around the Teaser, but Calvin's voice seemed a little out of place. Overall, I liked it, and can't help but think you should've stuck around and continued the series. Kinda.

super gay

3 for animation. 0 for plot. make it with more action and i liked the 80s music but you shouldnt use duran duran for a kid thats about to go ballistic on a crowd of zombies instead use something like thriller. animation was good.

coming soon

i cant wait Xp

HappyHarry responds: