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Reviews for "Zombies Bite (Teaser)"

can't wait

so its looks prity epic can't wait till the sequil


one grave said tom fulp

Ahhhh! Real Zombies!

Loved it, no doubt. Animation's not as smooth as some of the animations you've released since, admittedly, but that's to be expected from something so comparatively early in your Newgrounds career.

Not a lot by way of humor, but it was still a very entertaining animation. Really, it's a shame you never finished and/or submitted the finished product to Newgrounds.

And man. So very, very, very 80's. It was like taking a trip back to my childhood. If my childhood had involved me being at parties that were being raided by zombies. Which, sadly, it didn't.

Only a fag gives zombies a C.

Looked epic no joke.

found an error (or not)

great vid and stuff but , where in hell does zombies ring the dorrbell?