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Reviews for "Zombies Bite (Teaser)"


FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FINISH THIS! I cant deal with the shit people put on here and think is good, so your, actual good stuff, is quite refreshing, keep up the work man!


how the hell does a half-dead guy dig through a wood coffin and 6 feet of dirt?

Finish The Series!

That was great, the animation, the story, everything was awesome.

I just want to see more to how this story develops!

All That And A Bag of Chips.

This is one of the greatest works of story and flash i have ever seen. Though This is only a "Teaser" i have seen this many times and i am hoping to see the actual video with the full story. Please make the finished Product. i can guarantee that it will win an award at the '09 NG Gold Awards.


LIKE REALLY... I HAVE nooooo clue as to why you haven't made this yet... this teaser is amazing even though its some of your old work. Im a fan ive literally watched all of your work for like ever. Great song choice one of my fav's by the way... id like to be like the previous people before me and push u to make a next one. but i rather ask... no BEG you to finish this thing because for about 3 years i check your profile every few months to see if you've actualy done it. I say go for it. i may probably be the 249th reviewer to ask but non the less i think u should work on this. your work is like gold.... my favorite is Irving and im still waiting on my two best friends. either way keep up the work i see your doing and i hope you do read these comments no matter ho many u get....