Reviews for ""Epic Battles" Ep.1"

nerd rage

Aquila = too small
kneepads = too small
Helmet details = Whack

Plz buy a space marine model and use that as a reference. Hope it helps you be more accurate. nice flash, good for a lol. just bugs me when people with clear talent for flash animation don't get the proportions right on a bloody space marine. should be easy, yeah? Get a figure or look up some artwork. I hope that helps you avoid picky 40k player's nerd rages ;)

Good but lacking in some of the details

This was pretty good, but I guess i'm too huge of a 40k nerd to give this a full rating. If you make another one, i'd recommend making a reference to the fact that the emperor is basicly a living corpse. Also note that anyone who criticizes the emperor would probibly be shot on the spot.

Otherwise it was pretty funny and well executed. Keep up the good work.

epic lolz!

"emporer demands tacos!!!!!1!!11!!!"

Conscientious objector...Lol!

It's funny because there is no such thing in Space Marines. Also, "THE EMPEROR DEMANDS TACOS!!!" will be my battlecry when playing 40k from now on.

There is but one phrase to be said of this...