Reviews for ""Epic Battles" Ep.1"


you have to make the 2nd one

cool but

in the real warhammer they would be shot and the emperor is dead

but hey!

this is from 3 years ago; why didn't you go through with making a series? in the 40k universe there is so much to work with.

the funniest 40k short i've seen

that was funny as hell i don't care what any one says. on a side note any nay sayers about the emperor talking needs to re-explore the series he comunicates thru the astronomicon. so quite bein stupid and read the books if u're such big fans

C'mon people

I liked this, it was funny but why do people have to nit pick. It isn't real, If you complain about the emperor talking than why not complain about blue hedghogs and italian plumbers that grow big when they eat mushrooms. Its all freaking fictional it isn't real in the first place so don't complain.