Reviews for ""Epic Battles" Ep.1"


I think it was perfect, more or less. But there is 1 problem that i hav to point out. like picomaster247 said, the emperor cant talk, but he also cant use PSI communications because he is unable to communicate with the physical and mental realm. The ones giving the orders in the Imperium are the High Lords of Terra, which they have almost COMPLETE control over the human race.


It is wrong I say... Tyranids do sell tacos... what the fuck else would they do.

The voice acting was a bit off, but other then that it was fuckin' awesome.

Although da Orks need ta be there too, just saying.

it's ok, but there are a couple problems...

the emporer cant talk, cause he's in a coma, the PSI communication was right. An ultramarine could order around a blood angel, due to the fact they're in different chapters. The ultramarines should not have been there in the first place if the blood angels are there already. Space marines, also, are not drafted, they have be enhanced with the gene seed, at a young age, they dont just pick random people up off the street. all else was fine.

A few things

Space Marines have undying devotion to their emperor. Space Marines don't say 'beef' and Tyranids don't sell tocos. Other than that this was awsome. I am both a Marine and Tyranid player.