Reviews for "S3 - Iced Innocence (IceCap)"


i really would like the full deal though, send it at knucklessnake@hotmail.com, i dont have aim, so its the next best thing

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on my knees
full version please

you like that rhyme? I thought that up all by myself in under 5 seconds. hunterczo@aim.com.

PLEASE!!!!! all my 5 are belong to thee. also do you have a website?

One of the best Ice Cap Remixes I've ever heard

Fast-paced and awesome all the way through, xcellent job. plz send the full version plz, becuz I need 2 hear more(megaX999@yahoo.com). Keep up da work

Don't mess with me.

I've been searching for a good version of Sonic 3 Ice Cap a long time. You ruined it. You just had to add this good piece of music didnt you. Geez

NemesisTheory responds:

Sorry! I always hate to ruin great adventures for massive damage. :p

I'll ruin it again very soon!


This is awesome, from one of my favorite Sonic Stages of all time.. jozlinwyrmslayer@aim.com send me the full file, please!