Reviews for "S3 - Iced Innocence (IceCap)"

Another Aweosme Ice cap remix

Sir you are excellent!


In my opinion you are one of the best audio artists at doing the Ice Cap Remixes. I'm trying to make a game that will have a lot of ice in its theme so I'll keep this in mind. =)


I like this remix, however I would love to hear the full version of this song. Do you have the full version uploaded anywhere else?


Dude, this is fucking awsome keep up the good work. Also you said somthing about the full version being to big for Newgrounds, so since your not posting it here were may I find it?

This is amazing! 5/5!!

I must say....of all the Ice Cap Zone remixes I've listened to, yours is without a doubt the best one thus far. As a true diehard Sonic fan, I would love to hear the full version. Can you please send the full version of this song to billy_gomez@mac.com?