Reviews for "S3 - Iced Innocence (IceCap)"


AHa! I've heard a remix of this song, and i gotta say, you did a VERY good job.

Definitely the BEST Ice Cap Remix I've Heard

My only wish is to hear the full version, I seriously cannot get enough of this song! I like this version better than the "more mature" Iced out version, guess I'm just not mature. But I have not been able to find any other GOOD Ice Cap remixes, this is by far the best of them, I just really want to get my hands on the full version. ;D

Nice ^_^

I love this part is S3 and this is an amazing remix, WELL DONE!


Nice, but you forgot to include a link to the full version in your description. D'oh!

its like...

the song is on drugs or something...its awesome