Reviews for "S3 - Iced Innocence (IceCap)"


I gotta say, this is probably the 2nd best out of all remixes of this song (and trust me, i've heard a lot of them). keep up the good work! :)

Another IceCap?

You love your IceCap remixes dont you!? I actually like this better than Polar Groove, but then again I prefer songs with a much faster tempo. Minimal changes kept the song to its roots, but also gave it a touch of personalization.
Downloaded. 10/10



i agree with teh guy below me. this is my fav too!!

My fav. sonic song! YAY!!! :3

It's the BEST remix of Ice cap zone on newgrounds! I just LOVE it! :D
Well, and your other works are also just AWESOME! :)
I just want to thank you for making music. Keep it up! :D

Good 4 an intense battle scene with sonic in it...

in my opinion this would make 4 a great final battle for sonic...but besides that, excelent work again NT keep it up!