Reviews for "Knight v0.5"


Looks like a promising RPG game, can't wait for the full version.

Give us something to look forward to!

If you're going to make a preview for a game, you should at least try to make it interesting; something someone would think was cool and want to go play. Knight v0.5 does not accomplish this. The graphics were bland and uninteresting, although the sprites were at least tolerable. The lack of attack animations other than big sword or axe flying randomly across the screen detracted from the experience, and it felt like I had nothing to look forward to other than the some long, boring and monotonous process I'd just gone through.

Click the single attack button to do a random amount of damage to the only enemy I'm allowed to fight. Click it again. Don't worry about strategy, don't worry about hitpoints remaining, don't worry about anything other than how fast I can click the attack button to get the damned fight over with.

I never leveled up, never got stronger, never got any skills or spells that might look interesting or cool, nothing at all to spark my interest in this game. You need to show us something about the game, and give us something to explain what the game might be about and what it will be like to play. As it is, we have nothing to look forward to other than clicking the only button there is in a fight, going back and trading XPs for gold, healing up, and doing it all over again.

You need to give us something to look forward to, not something to avoid.

Be glad it is a demo.

That sucked to be honest, Terrorist Hunt v5.0 was much better, besides you can win. Every time you win you only get $15 which isn't enough, you need to give us at least $30 so that we don't die as easily. The was no blood ethier, which was a turn off. Graphic where NES style which is Old School. No sound, only at the begining did I ever hear sound. Other than these things, it probally could have been better.

Yours Almighty,
(A.K.A Gaxyer)

wow,a real great game for such a small size

im really amazed by such a great game this is for it being only 171KB,excellent job and i cant wait till v1.0 comes out ^_^

Oh, make the full version. PLEASE.

I give you a 5 because this is only a preview. I like your style, and the system is nice. But, although understandable, can you spice up the menu a little to make everthing more seperate and more readable/regognizage? Please. Anyway, make the other version, and if you're gonna make a second demo, make the background 4x as big with harder enemies the farther you go and the battle prossess more variable. The damage system is fine, the amount of time beetween the attacks are perfect, but only ATK (which I KNOW you'll fix) and an hp bar (have a name and small description maybe?). Well, good luck.