Reviews for "Knight v0.5"

No innovation.

In the field of RPGs, you encounter people that are absolutely fierce in their choice of game. This occurs because those people enjoy a certain innovation in that game--Counterattacks, Timed double strikes, Cool magic or just a really deep plotline.

I realize that this is just a demo; But I want to tell you ahead of time that your innovation didn't exist. If you go back now, and check what you've done to this point, you could pull a real winner out of what is otherwise a heap of scrap.

Good luck, and I look foreward to seeing the finished product.

i liked it

yess this was a good game man, and i earned a protection point for voting it, i was hoping it wouldnt get blammed i wanna get farther in the game than i got, good job i love this game

Good idea, average execution.

I totally understand this is an incomplete version of the game, and it is a good idea. But at least tell me this is a piot and that "Central City" is still under construction before I get 500 XP.

Central City?

...wut happened to Central City?....I really like it when I spend time to reach a goal and find out that it doesn't exist..

Very Flawed

Firstly, the area of gaming was much too small. The gameplay was essentially limited to a square. Secondly, your battle system shouldnt be called a battle system. The other monster only attacked when I attacked, and the "action" was boring. Clicking a button over and over is not enjoyable. Walking was annoying as he always faced down.

Improve on the coding and work on a storyline and gameplay and you just might have a good game on your hands.