Reviews for "Knight v0.5"


Yeah im going to give you a 10 for overall and a 5, just because i like knights no matter what thats why i bought a sword. This game needs some work though. I didn't play the whole way through but from what i did this is my suggestions

1)When fighting, have sprites move and attack not a sword fly in and hit

2) Diffrent items, armor and weapons

3)Diffrent choices during an interface, magic, run, attack, item, ect

Well thats about it, really cool idea, but needs some work. Keep it up

Oh, make the full version. PLEASE.

I give you a 5 because this is only a preview. I like your style, and the system is nice. But, although understandable, can you spice up the menu a little to make everthing more seperate and more readable/regognizage? Please. Anyway, make the other version, and if you're gonna make a second demo, make the background 4x as big with harder enemies the farther you go and the battle prossess more variable. The damage system is fine, the amount of time beetween the attacks are perfect, but only ATK (which I KNOW you'll fix) and an hp bar (have a name and small description maybe?). Well, good luck.

pretty good

I liked it it was pretty fun, but it almost reminded me of pokemon games

It's not very good but

I can see where your going. continue this so you can have a good game becaause this has potential.

wow,a real great game for such a small size

im really amazed by such a great game this is for it being only 171KB,excellent job and i cant wait till v1.0 comes out ^_^